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For repair and removal of dents, dings, hail, storm damage, and some collision damage in the Columbia and West Columbia areas. Paintless Dent Repair is the only way to keep the original factory finish on your vehicle.

This is just some of the tools used to remove damage by paintless dent repair.  

This is just some of the tools used to remove damage by paintless dent repair.  

What Is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR is the art of manipulating dents, dings, hail, and minor collision damage on vehicles to return to their original shape. The methods used is to gain access behind the damage and use a multitude of metal rods with different edges or tips, and push the metal with precision back into its proper place without damaging the original factory finish.

When access behind the damage is not accessible, another method to remove the damage is to glue pull. Glue pulling is done with a specifically formulated hot glue and tabs designed for removing damage from automotive sheet metal. The tabs are glued to the area of damage.  A puller is then attached to the tab to lift the dent.

 There is no body filler involved, or any type of paint refinishing. If there are paint scratches, or paint transference from an object, some light color sanding and polishing can be done to help bring your repair to a like new appearance. It is a faster, cleaner, and "greener" way to repair a vehicle for minor cosmetic and collision damage. Repairs are usually completed within a couple hours, depending on the extent of damage and location. There is minimal down time with the vehicle, no issues with paint matching, or parts fitment issues. It will also retain the value of the vehicle for selling, or lease turn in. Unless an insurance claim has been made, there is virtually no indications that damage was sustained to a vehicle.


Why choose PDR?

In a majority of cases, PDR is cheaper than a traditional body shop repair.  Your vehicle is probably the second highest investment, other than a home that you will make.  Maintaining the vehicles original parts and finish will aid to keep the vehicles maximum value.


What can not be repaired by PDR?

With today's technology and the skill level of a trained PDR technician the possibilities of repairing light to medium damage is greatly increased. Every dent is unique, and providing the panel's integrity has not been compromised, a repair to satisfaction can be achieved.


Will my repaired dent come back?

Unless additional damages occur to the area, no.  There is no shrinking, or memory of a properly repaired dent.


How do I schedule a repair?

The easiest way is give us a call.  You may also come by to let us take a look at your damage.  With pictures sent via text, or email, only a ballpark range estimate can be offered. 





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